Web-based electronic document management system designed to store, manage and access all types of electronic documents, files and records.

Developed by Health Information Management professionals to manage access to electronic documents, process, workflow, and reporting. DOCUXP’s powerful and flexible design lends itself perfectly to a wide array of functionalities, and not just for the healthcare industry. Features include - full indexing of files, COLD feeds, HL-7 data input, robust search capabilities, annotations, multiple concurrent access, high level of security, audit trails, etc. With DOCUXP's workflow module, files can be managed throughout the process, for active as well as archived files.

Denial management, audit and recovery system designed to manage, track and control the entire audit process, regardless of the auditing agency.

A denial recovery tracking application to assist hospitals, physicians, and outpatient facilities keep track of all cases requested, submitted, reviewed, determined, appealed and the final outcome of each case. Each audited case will be scanned and stored in RAConciliation for easy viewing, assignment, categorization, tracking and marking (using annotations) to justify your appeals process.

Comprehensive tracking, assignment and reporting system of unbilled accounts designed to manage all aspect of the DNFB/unbilled report data.

Online electronic management, tracking and reporting of Discharges Not Final Billed (DNFB) reports, Inpatient & Outpatient Exception reports and other types of unbilled reports. Features include - the ability to track cases by financial class, dollar amount, aging, nursing unit, medical service, physician, capturing of comments/investigative notes by “Note Category”, audit trails, email/cell phone notifications, assignments, and a full reports module.

Coding productivity & quality measurement and reporting system designed to capture and trend coders’ performance.

A coding productivity and qualitative tool that assist HIM departments analyze, measure, report and rate a Coder’s effectiveness and efficiency. Perfect for use in justifying staffing requirements since it allows for “customization” of productivity standards, “weighted quality errors and adjusting data collection based on coding responsibility of the department, such as does the Coder also performs abstracting, data entry, chargemaster captures, etc…

Automated DRG impact analysis report that displays the projected financial and case mix standing for a future period of time based on current data.

DRG crosswalk analysis report of current fiscal year's coded data to the proposed fiscal year by using the CMS DRG Grouping/Regrouping logic. The report quantifies the distribution of DRGs by service, physician, CMI, dollar ($), MDC, etc. It provides facilities with a full picture, with many graphical representations, of their projected financial impact based on their "coding" and ratio of CC/MCC DRGs to their non-CC/MCC DRGs.

Application designed to conduct, measure, trend and report on all types of regulatory clinical ongoing reviews within an organization.

Assist and supports the facility in the process of performing all types of compliance regulatory reviews, such as the ongoing record reviews required by The Joint Commission, Federal and State agencies, Fiscal Intermediators or any internal clinical reviews. Features includes measure regulatory score against standard, highlight of deficient areas, the ability to assign responsible dept or person(s) to each standard, create categories/sections and allows the creation of any type of project and related standards.

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